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Workshop Digital Solutions between tài xỉu and Viettel Solutions

On August 30, 2023, tài xỉu Vietnam organized a workshop on Digital Solutions between tài xỉu and Viettel Solutions.

The workshop had the participation of:

  1. Dr. Kittiphon Boonma, Research Specialist, Geoinformatics Center ( tài xỉu GIC)
  2. Mr. Huno Solomon Kofi Mensah, Senior Programme Officer of the Regional Resource
    Centre for Asia and the Pacific ( tài xỉu RRC. AP)
  3. Mr. Phawaphol Udompitayatorn, Project manager, AI Center ( tài xỉu )
  4. Dr. Phung Van Dong, Executive Director, tài xỉu Vietnam
  5. Mr. Doan Dai Phong, Deputy General Director, Viettel Solutions
  6. Mr. Le Duc Tuyen, Division Director of Southern Solution Center, Viettel Solutions

with experts and staff from tài xỉu , tài xỉu Vietnam and Viettel Solutions.

Experts from tài xỉu , tài xỉu Vietnam and Viettel Solutions

During the workshop, experts from tài xỉu introduced digital solutions using advanced technology and techniques in the fields of:

  • Smart cities: Traffic Analytics; Human Analytics
  • Healthcare: Healthcare Analytics
  • Construction: Construction Analytics
  • Energy: Energy Analytics
  • Environment: Smart plastic litter monitoring system; Environment Analytics
  • Disaster risk management, climate change: Climate forecast, Flood forecast; Land subsidence/deformation monitoring system; PyAEZ; RiskChanges
  • Education: E-learning platform

These are solutions that have been researched and applied in practice in Thailand and a number of other countries.

According to Dr. Phung Van Dong – Executive Director of tài xỉu Vietnam, Viettel Solutions is one of the largest technology companies in Vietnam and tài xỉu is an institute with extensive experience in training and researching high-tech solutions as well. Therefore, this workshop is a positive signal about the potential for future cooperation and development of both sides.

Some other pictures of the workshop:


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