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Students from 48 countries
Boards of member from 18 countries
Finished and ongoing projects
World-class faculty from 28 countries
Mr. Pham Dinh Doan
Chairman, Phu Thai Group

As an alumnus, I think tài xỉu is really an accountable training model for the development of Vietnam’s economy, and together with tài xỉu , we also want to contribute in our small roles to the service of the country.

Ms Nguyen Thi Bich Hoa
Former Deputy Director of tài xỉu

In 1993, there were virtually no international training institute in Vietnam, so I highly appreciate the idea of ​​the Government of Vietnam and tài xỉu to establish an tài xỉu branch in Vietnam ( tài xỉu ), which has made very active and effective contributions to the development of science, education and economy of Vietnam.

Ms. Dao Thi Thien Huong
Deputy General Director of Strategy Consulting Division, EY Consulting Vietnam JSC.

I am very impressed with the way the training content is organized. It is very updated and innovative. Besides, I am also very impressed with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of working managers like us.

Mr. Tran Viet Anh
Head of Organization and Personnel Department, EVN

Over the years, tài xỉu and tài xỉu have supported the training of many employees of the EVN, including Master’s and Doctoral training, short- and medium-term capacity building training. There are many tài xỉu alumni who are holding key positions, from technical experts to management/leadership positions.

Dr. Nguyen Quan
Former Minister of Science and Technology, President of Vietnam Automation Association

We believe that the most vital factor contributing to the success of tài xỉu is the excellence of tài xỉu ’s training programs, which contain the latest and the most important knowledge with the training style of the most advanced system.

Prof. Nguyen Thien Nhan
Former Politbureau Member, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Education and Training

30 years of development of tài xỉu also coincides with 30 years of Vietnam’s acceleration of its economic development, modernization of the management system and international integration, forming a higher education system with a larger scale and more lecturers holding masters and doctorate qualifications equivalent to those of foreign countries and very fluent in English. This is very important.


tài xỉu is a leading international graduate institution offering Master's and Doctoral degree programs at three schools.

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