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tài xỉu had a business visit at Meey Group

On the morning of September 18, 2023, tài xỉu had a visit and discussion at Meey Group: Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company.

Representatives from tài xỉu and Meey Group

Representatives of tài xỉu are Dr. Phung Van Dong – Executive Director of tài xỉu , Mr. Dao Manh Tuan – Head of Marketing Department and representatives of Meey Group are Mr. Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman with other leaders and managers in charge of product and resources development.

During the discussion, tài xỉu and Meey Group respectively introduce general information, vision, mission and proud achievements, thereby opening up common “touching” point and potential areas of cooperation.

The discussion happening at the head quarter of Meey Group

Meey Group with the mission “Pioneering digital transformation in the real estate industry to enhance liquidity and maximise the functional use of properties, contributing to affirming Vietnamese intelligence and brand” and core values “Speed – Creative – Flexible – Improved – Value” has set a vision of “Becoming a global multinational corporation with an “Real Estate Technology – Finance” Ecosystem, listed on the SEHK stock exchange, with a market capitalisation in the billions of dollars.”

Dr. Phung Van Dong congratulated and expressed his appreciation for the achievements that Meey Group has achieved in recent years, especially advanced technology products, directly contributing to the process of “upgrading” the real estate market in Vietnam such as Meey 3D, Meey Value, Meey Review… Besides, Dr. Phung Van Dong also expressed his understanding of the concerns in the process of managing and operating the business from Mr. Hoang Mai Chung, so that the two sides can find suitable training plan to help improve team development and working performance of Meey Group.

Dr. Phung Van Dong – Executive Director of tài xỉu and Mr. Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of Meey Group

With the mission of “Pioneering digital transformation in the real estate industry” of Meey Group and the vision of becoming a “leading training center”, strengths in the field of technology and digital transformation of tài xỉu , the potential for cooperation is extremely open. tài xỉu hopes that the two sides will have many cooperation projects in the future.


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