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Executive certificate & diploma in Development Policies and Practices (DPP)

Experience a unique course outline with study options in three languages & different learning contexts.
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Yangon – Myanmar

Date: Saturday (6 Jan 2024)
Time: 09:00 – 11:00
Contact: Mr. Aung Myat Khaing

Phnom Penh – Cambodia

Date: Tuesday ( 09 Jan 2024)
Time: 09:00 – 11:00
Contact: Ms. Chea Seila

Vientiane – Laos

Date: Saturday ( 13 Jan 2024)
Time: 09:00 – 11:00
Contact: Ms. Manivone Vorachak

Outstanding values


  • Immerse yourself in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Middle East, and connect local realities to the global context
  • Enhance your ability to conduct strategic analysis and apply newfound skills through a professional thesis at work
  • Sharpen your professional skills, such as foresight or critical thinking, to develop innovative solutions to today’s development problems
  • Present the findings of your thesis in public, and discover Geneva-based organizations and Swiss public administrations
  • Engage with faculty and peers from all over the world, and join a vibrant community of 900+ alumni.


  • Peer-to-peer learning – engage with peers from various continents and sectors
  • Interactive teaching – learn actively with learner-centered approaches
  • Partners faculty and speakers – benefit from guidance and coaching from our staff
  • Case studies, field visits – look into concrete field projects and classes
  • Diversity – benefit from exposure to speakers, faculty staff and peers from four continents
  • Professional thesis – write a paper with professional relevance and impact, through guidance from teachers and discussions with peers


  • Membership of the Graduate Institute alumnae-i network of 20,000+
  • 10% discount on Executive Education programmes
  • Networking and professional development opportunities through the alumnae-i regional chapters and the 


Engage with professors, renowned professionals and peers from around the world. Get hands-on experience in one of our six regional hubs and benefit from the best expertise of regional universities, bilateral agencies, NGOs, public administrations and international organisations. Each year, the programme welcomes a high number of guest speakers from all sectors in addition to our core faculty. It also emphasises peer-to-peer learning and offers multiple spaces for discussion and exchange between participants and alumnae-i.


MODULE 1: 3 weeks full-time in Bangkok & 2 weeks full-time online – Certificate & Diploma

  • Get critical perspectives on key problematics related to global development challenges.
  • Analyse region-specific issues and interactions between policies, practices and stakeholders.
  • Rethink projects using strategic management tools, with a long-term perspective.
  • Acquire methodological skills to carry out a professional thesis.
The participants in the Certificate must write a paper and submit it two months after the end of the module.

MODULE 2: 4 months part-time at your workplace with e-learning – Diploma only

  • Conduct data collection and analysis for your professional thesis.
  • Write your professional thesis (on a thematic relevant to your work).
  • Attend elective e-learning courses on different topics, including on gender.

MODULE 3: 2.5 weeks full-time in international Geneva – Diploma only

  • Strengthen your leadership and communication skills.
  • Present the findings of your professional thesis to your peers.
  • Participate in work sessions with public administrations, international organisations and NGOs.
Courses are in English, French or Spanish (with translations)

Tuition fee

Certificate: CHF 8’500
Diploma: CHF 3’500 to 25’000, according to country of origin
Priority countries – Diploma only
If you are coming from a , your financial contribution will be limited to CHF 3’500. Logistics are provided and covered by the programme. You are only required to organise and take at your expense the round trip to attend Module 1.
Opportunities for other countries – Diploma only
If you are coming from a non-priority country, you may still be eligible for cost reduction, and your financial contribution will be fixed according to the  (HDI):
  • CHF 12’500 for candidates coming from a country with a low-to-medium HDI
  • CHF 17’500 for candidates coming from a country with a high HDI
  • CHF 25’000 for candidates coming from a country with a very high HDI
Swiss candidates – Diploma only
Your contribution will vary between CHF 3’500 and CHF 25’000 and will be fixed according to your ‘Revenu Déterminant Unifié’ (RDU). For more information, please, contact Bruno Medroa.
If you are a Geneva taxpayer, you may be eligible for the chèque annuel de formation (CAF) up to CHF 2’250, delivered by the . You must make the CAF request before the start of the training. The programme reference is 2713.


Entry requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum three years) and several years (ideally 5-7 years) of professional experience (or an equivalent combination of training and experience)
  • Proficiency in either English, French or Spanish
  • Support of the applicant’s organisation – Diploma only
  • Optimal age: between 30 and 45 years – Diploma only

Degrees awarded:

  1. Executive Certificate in Development Policies and Practices
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (15 ECTS)
  • Requires successful completion of Module 1 assessments and final paper
  1. Executive Diploma in Development Policies and Practices
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (30 ECTS)
  • Requires successful completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 assessments and professional thesis
Both programmes count towards the 
Application process:
  • Online application form
  • Scanned copies of your academic degrees
  • Letter of reference from your current or previous employer –  Certificate only
  • Letter from your current employer explaining the relevance of your professional thesis for the institution’s activities and objectives. This letter must be written on headed paper and include the full contact details of the person signing it: surname, first name, position, email address and telephone number – Diploma only – Download 



Deadline for Registration : 15th March, 2024
For more information, please visit: 


Ms. Đào Thanh Yến

  • M: +84 98 360 4487 Email: [email protected]
  • 6th Floor, FCC Building, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang Str, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. 

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